What to wear? A yogi's guide to WE'AR

Finding yoga clothing to suit your needs is important. With so much available and a growing number of classes and styles to choose from, it can be a challenge to really know what to invest in when it comes to yoga clothing. What garments will serve you best to move and groove in when you get your asana on? Not to mention the other questions of fabric quality, durability and the process of how and where your clothes are made! Well we think we have the answers. From hot to yin and everything in between, let us give you a solid run down on the yogi's guide to WE'AR - the yoga wear edition...


Our friends at Auckland Yoga Academy are wonderful ambassadors for our brand, so who better to ask when it comes to the best items for Ashtanga practice. Jude Hynes, (training director) says "The Fresh As Tank is great - keeps breasts supported and no sleeves equals freer movement plus breathing room for armpits. Gambit Tanks are great too especially since its a bit longer to keep belly covered if you are a returning mummy conscious of tummy. The neat thing about all above mentioned - on a day when you don't sweat much - you can throw on a coat, pop on some boots and go out in the same clothes since they double so well as street wear." 

She also says (and we LOVE this!) "My husband and I are very serious about detoxing our body (the body is a temple inside of which we meditate to cultivate loving kindness to ourselves, others and the planet) so our aim is to avoid materials that are not organic cotton." 


above: Fresh As Tank in 100% organic cotton, Lotus Bra in midnight


First point - you need something that can handle sweat. As a "base layer" you can't go past our Up Dog Bamboo Cup Bra and Down Dog Bamboo Knickers. Made from 68% bamboo, 27% cotton and a hint of spandex, the moisture wicking and anti bacterial properties of bamboo are super awesome for a quick dry, wash and wear set that can handle the heat. Fiona Liu, teacher at Hot Yoga Auckland loves this season's Drift Top in Tender Green and Guava. As an option for a little more coverage, our How Short? Shorts are flattering on the thigh, while providing a wide fold waistband for added support.


above: Up Dog Bamboo Cup Bra and Down Dog Bamboo Knickers, Drift Top in Guava

Vinyasa flow

You want something beautiful AND comfortable (of course) to enhance a dance-like practice. Yogi Tights are a lightweight, second skin in a range of lush colours. They are the perfect tight for travelling to and from the studio as well. Throw on a long line tank like the Leeway Linen for a soft form fitting garment to stretch along with you, or the Waterfall Tank if you like a little more movement and room. 

above: Yogi Tights with Tri Yoga Bra


Hasu Pants provide a looser fit around the knee and a fitted calf band to make sure they stay put during a yin yoga class. Just the right weight to be cosy in 90% organic cotton. Pair with a Baby Bat long sleeve top to keep you warm but loose enough to wear over a tank or tee comfortably. If you are prone to feeling the cold and the studio is not heated, the Akasha Pants in terry cotton would be perfect.


above: Hasu Pants in slate, stripey Baby Bat top

For the guys 

Didn't forget about you! This season's Slimjims are a great hybrid "on/off the mat" pair of yoga shorts. A slightly slimmer, shorter cut than our classic Freestyle Shorts. Would be fine for most practices, however if you're a bikram dude you may want something like our Practice Shorts - lightweight and shorter cut. The Bonestack Tank is easy fitting in 100% cotton, and you can't go past our Padawan Hoodie in soft double grey marl for layering. Akasha Pants for men are awesome for a yin style practice or pre-surf stretch, and the length can be adjusted to create short longs/long shorts. Pair with the men's Armadillo - a long sleeved tee in comfy nice 'n natural slubbed cotton.


above: men's Slimjims, men's Armadillo Top

Come in and ask

Hey, that's what WE'AR here for! Got a question about how something fits? We road test all of our styles in class to really know how they stand up. Trying on for size and fit is the best way to know what works for YOU. Chances are, if you're good little yogi you give a damn about where your clothes come from. Ethical guidelines are the foundation of our business, and we are always happy to chat about the practices of our garment production, dyeing processes, and anything else you wish to know! And if we can't answer something then and there, we will always seek to find out the answer for you.

Personal favourites

Maria @ Ponsonby says: "I recently came along to a Bauer Media yoga session WE'AR has been running over the past month and wore our new season Tri Yoga Leggings and Rock Tank. Verdict? Loved the waistband height on the leggings (not too low) and the silkiness of the rock tank along with the longer cut was a perfect match. Also I loved the fact that I could put on my favourite boots and jacket afterwards without looking like a dork - they double as a cute casual outfit I would be more that happy with rocking around in all day!"

All styles featured are available in store and online x x x

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