Just BE... behind the scenes with Halcyon Rock

"Halcyon Rock is our mythical holiday place... Time does not exist here and there is nothing whatsoever that needs doing. Morning yoga, skimming stones on the river and finding new places to picnic forms the rhythm of your days..."

We are so enamored by the gorgeous imagery from a recent photo shoot for our latest collection, that we wanted to delve a little deeper and share with you the behind the scenes story of Halcyon Rock. Inspired by heady summer days, melting into holiday and sharing experiences with like-minded friends, let us take you on a journey of what WE'AR does best - creating eco-chic beauty to adorn this amazing life...

The stunning nature of Bongkasa, Bali - a small village not far from Ubud is a perfect location to capture the light and ritual of a morning yoga practice. The architecture is a project by Zissou, an artist compadre of Jyoti's - Bonzu is sustainably sourced and created, and comprised of two main structures, Sun and Moon. There are no walls or windows, the huts are equipped with hot and cold running water, and there is a large vegetable garden for a pared back peaceful existence to compliment the tranquil lifestyle of Halcyon Rock. The desire to create that delicious atmosphere of being with like-hearted people at exactly the right place at the right time is effortlessly realised here where all the simple beauty and goodness of the world aligns to let you just BE in the moment.

Photographer Jason Reposar shoots on an old 1970's leica lens to catch the halcyon vibe of summer days. More well known for an edgy rock and roll style portfolio, Jason captures our models beautifully, and finds a golden yogic glow that emanates radiantly throughout the shoot. He frames moments that pop out in your memory like glorious lo-fi snapshots. Miriam is our our main yoga model, a keen yoga practitioner and surfer currently living in Bali, and Olya (pictured with MUA/yogi Roasario, who also jumped into a few shots) is a Czech model and snowboarder. Our WE'AR beauties effortlessly climb rocks and laugh playfully by the river, while maintaining strength and serenity during yoga asanas...

Although the 4.30am start to catch that glorious light is challenging, the relaxed and open nature of the crew serves as a blessing for sunrise yoga over the ravine. Prep for hair and make-up is done whilst listening to sacred kirtan chants and savouring stove top espresso with raw coconut macaroons. While the styling is planned out before the shoot, Jyoti prefers to let each garment be celebrated fully by the movements and features of our models, so some looks are altered - starting with an intention but keeping it loose and activated. Just how this sweet life should be...

Photo credits: Zissou









from Maria @ WE'AR x x x