WE'AR in collaboration with fresh new talent, experience the wild and explosive energy of The Flight.

It's delightful to introduce and host the star of our latest happening at WE’AR Ponsonby, Matt Sinclair is an abstract artist from Muriwai beach on Auckland’s west coast, maker of art, musician and surfer.

“Making art of any form really is amazing, there is no right and wrong and it puts a smile on your face when you do it. It’s the process that I really have fallen for I guess, and that feeling of just all of a sudden knowing that a piece is done.”

Inspired by the colours from our ‘Fly North’ winter collection, the series of fun thoughtful paintings entitled The Flight is based on real people in a fictional environment and fictional characters in the real world.

The opening night saw a collision of art and fashion in motion, with the alluring fusion of visual and wearable fueling each other’s finest on show.

The co-lab bought together an eclectic bunch to celebrate the best of both worlds.

Vibrant acrylics and oil pastels are playfully executed on a range of canvases, denim and various materials that have been sewn together adding to the paintings numerous layers.

Stretched over frames of one hundred year old rimu, that was found under Matts' grandfathers house, the exposed hand crafted frames give the paintings an extra quirky edge that breathe life into the art and sit right at home in the space of our Ponsonby store.

Thank you Matt for sharing your inspiring talent with us and all the fab peeps who came along and made the night amazing,  massive thanks also to All Good Organics and Hallertau for spreading the love.





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Selini @ WE'AR

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