Festival feedback: Bali edition

Welcome to the second chapter of our deep dive into festival abundance! While we were holding the fort at Wanderlust in Auckland, our Bali half were out and about soaking up the goodness of Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud. Check out the rocking yoga vibes from last weekend documented by Jason Moon our “Special Projects Guy” and gorgeous photos (perfectly capturing the true spirit of the event) care of Jason and Ulrike Reinhold photography...

Lush venue among the rice fields

Festival helpers striking a pose in WE'AR couture tees

"Amazing to see how the 7th annual Bali Spirit Festival has grown over the past few years with yogis from all over the world gathering in the lush rice fields near Ubud for one of the top yoga, dance and world music festivals in the world. WE'AR has sponsored the festival for years, we have been there since the first festival when it was just a little dream. The tribe has come back year after year and has grown exponentially.  We once again designed limited edition tees (how very couture of us) for the high vibe volunteer staff.  Check out the crew in blue! I was the videographer coordinator for this year’s festival, so I got to have some seriously cool conversations with gurus, musicians and festival goers." 

Hoop artist soars at Bali Spirit

Jason (in his papa dudes) and fellow yogis getting loose on the yoga/dance floor!

Les Leventhal and Jyoti après class beaming with yoga bliss x

Festival director Nadine looking divine in WE'AR

"I always find the Bali Spirit Festival inspiring on so many levels. Top teachers from around the globe are serving up a buffet of yoga styles and philosophies. But yoga is just one (massive) part of it. All day long we were bouncing in and out of African dance,  Masala Bhangra boogie, Capoeira, kirtans, meditation, sound healings and a giant tropical swimming pool.  Even some of the yoga classes are getting their music on these days, Les Leventhal was rocking our gear in his “Rock and Roll” yoga class, and festival director Nadine McNeil’s tribute to Bob Marley with her “One Love” yoga class.  

The main stage was pumping each night.  If you have never heard of Dustin Thomas, you need to. Check him out at www.lovedustinthomas.com. This kid can sing, and he sings about things we all need to be tuning into. Xavier Rudd closed the festival down with a long groovy set. Hundreds of people were dancing under the stars to his mad mix of didgeridoo, drums, guitar and vocals. Respect brother."


"There were loads of local vendors selling beautiful clothing, jewellery, art, oils and organic food. WE'AR was represented at a booth and by the end of the five days the venue was flashing with our yoga bags (no plastic!).  It just felt awesome to be part of an event that shares our ideas about socially responsible business and to join in with so many yogis rocking it on the mat and on the dance floor." 

Check out the Bali Spirit homepage for more video clips from the festival! If you have any great photos or comments you would like to share with us, let us know on facebook or talking@we-ar.it - we love your feedback international yogis!


Maria @ WE'AR

x x x