Simple acts of kindness for yourself

Been feeling a little all over the place lately? Probably because it's a time of change and as we transition into a new season, the team here at WE'AR are musing on the importance of taking some time for... you! Whether an extra hour in bed on the weekend (where do you really have to be anyway), trying that yoga/dance class you always wanted to but never had the time, or gifting yourself a well deserved indulgence (mind, body or soul) we think its a great time to treat yourself... go on beauties, you deserve it!

Need some inspiration? The WE'AR staff give you a wee insight into what makes their heart sing...

Jess says "I am 27 weeks pregnant, and this month is my birthday! So, I am taking time out to complete a Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Workshop. Planning to wear my New Romantics Leggings and Air Chrysalis, which are perfect for my baby bump!"

Maria says "Anything to do with nourishing my body... making an epic meal from scratch or taking a high intensity class at the gym - may not seem like a treat to some but it makes me feel awesome!" 

Nikola says "When I am feeling like I need a little self pampering I light some candles, put on some soft music and soak my feet. They hold many secrets and are covered in pressure points so the release is good for body and mind. Oh and not to mention I have a glass of red in my hand. Bliss x" 

Jen says "To treat myself I like going on a trip! I've always been a bit of a gypsy and staying in the same place, doing the same thing for too long is not so good for me. So I try to regularly travel with my daughter Coco. I need to feel that my life is an endless, exciting adventure! It makes me feel alive and free! This time we are going sailing in Polynesia and giving my daughter the opportunity to see the beauty of this world is a real treat!"


Jess avec bump in tree pose rocking WE'AR, gorgeous Coco ready for take off!

Love thyself with the gift of beauty

Yes, we are talking retail therapy! There honestly is something wonderful about purchasing a present for yourself - jewellery is a no-brainer of course, and we have some delightful treats in store that are a perfect mood enhancer, whatever the season! And why not choose to support local, sustainable or fair trade businesses to make you feel extra special... If you are more beauty therapy inclined, there are a number of salons using all natural products, or get creative and make your own... a simple scrub using raw sugar, a little of your favourite essential oil (I love jojoba) and a few drops of water combined make a fantastic facial exfoliator.


Forever Paradise scarf, LeeLoo Bird jewellery @ WE'AR... divine!

Treat your soul, stretch it out on the mat 

Taking yourself along to a yoga class is one of the kindest things to do for your mind and body. If you are a beginner, try a local community class or talk to us here at WE'AR - we are happy to help! Or, if you cant see us in person send us a message on facebook or to There are always a number of workshops happening around yoga studios in most cities, and we are super excited for Wanderlust Festival coming to Auckland on the 23rd of March - yoga demos, talks, inspiring teachers and awesome live music! Treat yourself with a pass to this exciting event and we'll see you there!


Remember, even the littlest things count... pick a bunch of wildflowers for your home or workspace, give your pet a cuddle, or tell someone you love them... oh yes, guaranteed to make you feel good.


from Maria and the WE'AR family

x x x