Sunrise Yoga with Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Our monthly Sunrise Yoga series is happening again this Thursday morning for February, and we are fortunate to have friend of WE'AR Morgan Palmer Hubbard back in town to lead the class. Want to know a bit more about our community of amazing yogis? So do we! Morgan talks to WE'AR about his yoga hot spots, his personal journey through rehabilitation and the transformative power of his practice...


"The best yoga practices I've had have been in high places"


How did you become involved with Sunrise Yoga?

I've known Jyoti (WE'AR founder and designer) for years and have always loved WE'AR - I still have some of the initial prototypes! I live in Barcelona now but I've come back to NZ to visit family and friends this summer, and talking with her she mentioned the Sunrise series of classes. So I'm very happy to be able to be here and give the class on Queen's Wharf this Thursday, it's great to be back home, and bring some of the vinyasa yoga practice we do in our studio Yogaroom Barcelona to Auckland.

Describe your ideal yoga practice

The best yoga practices I've had have been in high places - I find there's something about having a long view, a sense of space in your perspective, that really helps open the sense of inner spaciousness, as well. So my ideal practice would be on a hill or mountain, overlooking forest, with a view to the sea. In the quietness of the dawn, and with plenty of time so there's no sense of rush to finish before having to do other work. If I have that time these days I like to start by working with bandha (special muscular co-activations) and kumbhaka (breath retention), before going on to practices to open the joints, activate the spine, connect the body and deepen the breath, before finishing with a long sweet savasana (lying relaxation), and possibly further pranayama (breath work like nadi shodhana, alternate nostril breathing).

What led you to teaching yoga?

I started practicing to help manage a profound scoliosis that developed during my teenage years. I really never thought I would teach, it was more about rehabilitation, especially after I had corrective spinal surgery which took a long time to recover from. But as anyone who has some years of practice behind them will attest, there is real transformation that occurs, on many levels, and as it became apparent how important the practice was to my wellbeing I became more interested in going deeper, seeking out yoga teachers in my travels and eventually doing a teaching training intensive in the Sivananda ashram in Netala, northern India. After moving to Barcelona I started teaching, but it was pretty difficult at first as I was still learning the language and muddling my way through with a mix of Spanglish! It's much better now though, and since opening the Yogaroom studio with my partner Amelie Strecker in 2012 I've really focused on teaching.

Where have your yoga travels taken you in the world?

I've been to visit teachers in many other countries, through Asia, Europe, America and Australia. I think it's amazing how, in the space of a generation, some form of yoga practice is now being practiced by millions, and in so many places around the world. And also that there are so many great teachers, maybe in the same city as you - it's no longer necessary to travel to the Himalayas to learn good hatha yoga. I guess some of the really special places for me personally in my practice are Koh Phangan, Rishikesh and elsewhere along the Ganges, Barcelona and Waiheke Island.

What is your favourite WE'AR item and why...

Ha, that's a tough one! I'm a big fan of the textures, colours and cuts of pretty much everything WE'AR does. These days I wear the Terry shorts a lot for teaching and practice, and also the Canvas shorts a lot for the street and beach. And the Metropolis and Ultimate hoodies in winter... For women I've always liked the At Peace Hoodie Dress - an oldie but a goodie :)



Morgan wears Terry shorts in stone blue (available in store and online)



As well as Sunrise Yoga, Morgan and his partner Carlota (pictured) will taking a playful partner yoga session on Sunday 23rd at Tahaki Reserve in Mt Eden at 3pm. Check out the facebook event for more details!


This Thursday's class will run from 7am - 8.15 at the end of Queen's Wharf (89 Quay Street)
Some mats provided
All levels welcome

from Maria @ WE'AR

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