Small things, Great things - TEDxUbud 2016

Emily at TEDxUbud

As part of WE’AR’s commitment to support community events that bring about positive social change, we got involved with the industrious organizers of Bali’s TedXUbud on May 28th and sponsored their volunteer T-shirts. The theme of the day was “Small things, Great things” and our offering fit right in there. Choosing sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing for what is a seemingly small thing - your event’s T-shirts - creates ripples of positive influence. The volunteers looking amazing in their Supima Band Tees and Supima Box Tees.

Part of WE’AR’s Bali team gathered to enjoy a very inspiring day of talks and mingling with a very eco-conscious crowd. The event took place in the stunning bamboo buildings and gardens of the Fivelements retreat center, and featured a mix of Indonesian and international speakers that offered thought-provoking, poignant presentations that touched on big themes like sustainability, ocean conservancy, reducing waste, social dissidence, access to healthcare, appreciation of simple pleasures, the intersection of art and technology, and the power of community.

Speakers Emily Penn, and Dade Akbar wore WE’AR during their talks. Emily is a sailor and passionate ocean conservancy activists that uses her travels to create awareness about the massive plastic pollution that is taking over our planet’s water systems.

Dade uses his creative food styling abilities to create a conversation amongst his 35 million Instagram followers about the question: “Why are we only attracted to the things we can't have?” He encourages them to appreciate the simple local delicious street food that is so readily available throughout the archipelago.

The TedXUbud crew created a profoundly inspiring, thought-provoking day that we were happy to be a part of!

Lucia Gutierrez - WE'AR Bali

Photo credit:  Timur Angin/TEDxUbud