Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothing?

Organic seems to be the ‘it’ buzzword taking the health and wellness industry by storm. Nowadays it's practically common knowledge that organic food, skincare, and even cleaning products are better for your health and the environment then the chemical laden conventional counterparts. But what about clothing or more specifically cotton?!

Did you know that conventional cotton uses more chemicals in production than any other human grown plant? In fact it uses approximately 25% of all chemicals worldwide yet only covers 3% of cultivated land mass. What’s worse is many of these pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilisers are known human carcinogens. These chemicals instead of being applied to affected plants are often sprayed across entire crops using a method known as blanket application. This then leads to pollution of land, air and waterways. Furthermore it is estimated that only 10% of the chemicals used, actually accomplish what they were designed to do. The rest is absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water and eventually our bodies -SCARY! It’s also no coincidence that the rate of nasty health conditions such as cancer, birth defects, long term memory loss and paralysis are drastically increased in areas of conventional farming. 

As awful as this is for the farmers’ and their community, you may find yourself asking how does this affect me?! Well, our skin is our largest organ, which means chemicals and toxins in our clothes can leach out and end up in our bloodstream. Over time and as a result of the increasingly toxic world we live in, these chemicals can build up and it is believed that they can then lead to adverse health outcomes.

We want to create a dialogue to educate and discuss the often hidden downsides to the way non-organic cotton is grown and manufactured in today’s modern worlds and to highlight that a more sustainable and safe alternative is available.

Besides the obvious absence of chemicals, organic cotton farming also uses 100% natural seeds as opposed to GMO seeds used in 75% of conventional cotton farming. It also employs the principle of crop rotation and uses organic fertilisers. These procedures are eco friendly and prevent the soils being completely striped of nutrients, which can lead to the soil being rendered useless. Organic cotton employs ethical processes which do not compromise the workers health and wellbeing. 

 At WE’AR it is our mission to make organic cotton more accessible and available to our community. We aspire to be a part of a global movement that revolutionises the way the fashion industry operates and sees a return to more traditional, organic production methods.

So what can you, as an educated citizen and satorialist do? You can vote with your dollar! Each time you make a mindful purchase of organic cotton you are telling the industry that this is important and that you care. Currently there isn't enough organic cotton to make the full spectrum of textiles we love to use so at WE'AR we preference organic cotton at every available opportunity and keep up an endless mantra for more to our suppliers.  Demand from you for organics is the wind in our sails! The more you want it and vote for it by shopping it, the more will become available to design and produce with. Let's work together to evolve an industry where organic materials are the new normal!


Love & light