WE'AR Drop in Meditation Space - TEDX Auckland 2016

WE'AR teamed up with TEDX Auckland last Thursday and Friday to provide a drop in meditation space during the breaks. It was a haven designed to gift the participants time to create space, tap back into breath and decompress. We were thrilled to have Vincent Bolletta and Stephanie Nelson as our mediation hosts. They both did an amazing job guiding guests through each session. 

Thank you to Republic Home, Hire Plants, The Vibe Tribe and Jen from Clairobscur for helping us to create such a beautiful and serene space.


We also collaborated with TedX Auckland to produce the t shirts that the volunteers wore. Pictured bellow are two of the fabulous, hardworking volunteers (without whom, the event would not have been what it was!) wearing our Supima Box Tee and 100% Cotton Band Supima Tee. Both are available sans logo from our online store. 

On the Friday the WE'AR team were treated to an afternoon at TEDX. We all got to listen to an exciting line up of speakers, all with equally interesting yet different stories to tell. In fact we all agreed that we couldn't pick a favourite and that each and every speaker did an amazing job of engaging with the audience and educating us about their chosen topic. After the talks concluded, we were ushered downstairs where we enjoyed the most sensational six course long lunch. It really was the best way to end a busy week. So much love, laughter and team bonding!  

Photos by Jen of Clairobscur.