Yasmine Ganley: Can Shopping be a Force for Good?

Wellbeing and nutrition have become nothing short of a global movement that continues to gather momentum. Today, people will happily invest in buying farm-to-table, seed-to-skin, organic, fermented, probiotic, cold-pressed everything, to ensure their continued good health.

This sort of mindfulness is starting to pour into the fashion industry too. It seems the habits of our lifestyles have indeed adopted a conscious mind. We are aware of the impact each and every decision we are making has on both our local community and the state of the global environment.

Brands, once judged on their desirability and product elitism, are now being judged on their value systems, on their innovation and dedication to helping change the world, one product at a time. Mind, body and beauty are all viewed as one big ecosystem that requires immediate and on-going maintenance. People are becoming increasingly aware of, not only where, but also how; their latest clothes and products are being made.

Recognising that habitual change and the improvement to the state of the environment starts with the individual, WE’AR offer a range of directional lifestyle pieces: garments ranging from casual outerwear to technical yoga wear, each piece intelligently crafted with the upmost care and compassion for the world and the people living on it. WE’AR’s core motivation across their collections is to shine a light on individual beauty, a passion for self-knowledge and adventure. These three attributes, WE’AR consider to be the stepping-stones to a holistic approach to individual, and eventually global, betterment. When one feels positive and enlightened, they will no doubt at some stage inspire others to feel and do the same.

WE’AR’s over-arching goal is to reach out to the wider community by continuing to 
help in the development of the communities of craftspeople, through the support of their chosen charities. Ethically crafted from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, WE’AR work closely in collaboration with a local community of makers. One of their key textile suppliers has developed a green mill and has won the Indonesian bid with Lenzig, a fiber manufacturer, to produce textiles such a Tencil. This allows WE’AR to source top rated eco-textiles locally, reducing logistics footprints and allowing them to continuously support local manufacturing in Indonesia.

It is with this sort of ethical transparency that WE’AR are gaining a reputation for the goodness of their doings. A message that goes beyond fabric and style, and one that is capturing the hearts of like-minded individuals who strongly believe in supporting the bigger, sustainable picture. Transparency, WE’AR believe, is also an idea that can enter many facets of an individual’s journey; it’s the way you check in with yourself, the way in which you approach your yoga mat each morning, the food you chose to eat, and the lifestyle choices you make everyday. When your values are strong and you can back your own choices, then, ultimately, you can start believing in yourself. And when we believe in ourselves, our possibilities are endless.  

“It’s about authenticity. We started with heart and that’s also how we intend to grow. If you can do that while making people happy, maybe even inspiring them, then it’s all worth it. I think that’s really what makes people want to engage with WE’AR. We help connect people to their own intrinsic good.” – Jasmine Easterbook, sustainability consultant for WE’AR.


Yasmine Ganley



Yasmine Ganley is a Titirangi-based freelance writer and photographer, specialising in content creation and strategy. Editor of anyonegirl.com and co-founder of The Periodic Journal, Yasmine also contributes to local and international publications (FreundevonFreunden.com, AVEC journal), brands (Penny Sage, Sans [ceuticals], IN BED, Carpenter's Daughter) and retail spaces (Tessuti, The Shelter).