Friends of WE'AR - Arli Liberman

Photos by Pete Longworth

Arli Liberman is a truly talented musician whose emotive, layered music invites the mind to slip it's bonds and escape down the rabbit hole to contemplative wonder.

His recent opening at the Titirangi music festival at Te Uru Gallery was nothing short of cinematic. Employing the silken mushroom shaped ceiling installation as a three dimensional screen, we were treated to a visual scape that drifted ever upward and outward on the waves of Arli's sweet and tender sound -a truly ethereal performance.

Photos by Pete Longworth

Arli's world is on fire and if you're one of our lucky tribe living in Auckland you can catch him next Friday at Galatos where he'll be playing under the full moon alongside our Yogi-bro, Nik Robson and Mistress of the Vibe, Cristina at VIBE001: PSYCHEDELIC DRAGON FLOW Tickets are available here.

Photo by Cam Sims 

Arli will also be headlining with our sweet Wanderlust 108 family at festivals in Auckland and Australia where his ambient guitar-scapes will be lighting up the Soul Revive 30 minute meditation sessions. 

Want to get your hands on this man's goodness? Arli's new LP Alegra is being released this month through Marigold Records. 

See you at Galatos and Wanderlust my lovelies!