Friends of WE'AR - Elena Brower

One of the absolute highlights of my Wanderlust adventure in Thredbo [Australia] was meeting the incredibly inspiring, Elena Brower. I had the privilege of road-tripping with her to-and-from the festival, attending a few of her classes, and even sharing some precious private time. 

Excitedly, I sat front-row for her speakeasy about parenting, which she boldly gave in collaboration with her beautiful 9 year old son, Jonah. Being a Mama myself, it was such a special experience, heart-warming, completely authentic, and totally uplifting

Looking back, it all felt like a dream in some enchanted world. It felt out of time, timeless. 

We shared so many ideas, projects and past experiences we laughed, a lot, and we dreamt we took creative breaks amidst epic landscapes and we sang songs the whole road-trip we shot stills, drank coffee and captured some gorgeous videos there was dancing, poetry and great company and all that barely touches the sides of the full experience.

I could talk for hours about how much she has impacted my life during the past few months, and for hours more about how grateful I am that she is now part of my world. Instead though, I feel that sharing some of the beauty from this magical time may be a better way to express it. 

Here are some of the images that Pete Longworth created during this magical journey. A journey I will never forget.

For me, having someone like Elena proudly wear our WE'AR threads is so meaningful. She embodies beauty and elegance.

She is natural, real, free...

She is powerful.


She is herself.


 With Love


Jen Raoult


Photos by Pete Longworth

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