Crashing waves, scorching heat and sea snakes = high end fashion



We wake up before the sun shines. The Balinese colours are slowly spreading over the island. It is the second of two days filled with colour, fabrics, models, makeup, light and photographers; our photo shoot for our new collection 'Forever Paradise'. White beaches and turquoise waters outline the shores of this paradise island and we slowly crawl out with all of our equipment.

We spent yesterday in a beautiful studio, surrounded by rice fields and small ponds with lotus flowers. Working until late fuelled by espressos and devilishly tasty cookies, today it is time for a day on the beach - struggling with waves, boats and sea snakes.

The surroundings are beautiful. High cliffs of sandstone, playful monkeys, white sand, and a breathtakingly turquoise ocean. We throw our models in just as many situations as clothes and nearly lose them out at sea. We didn’t quite get close enough to ship them to Australia, but the beautiful ocean got a bit too close and we managed to get it into the boat...

As we tried to get rid of our models, pushing them out to sea, a wave bigger than the others hit the boat, soaking both them and the photographer. Laughing hysterically we push the models into safety on the white smooth sand. We laugh through all of our shots, it seems to be impossible not to when we all are tired and work under unusually close conditions. These days we pull the collection together with the wonderful environment of Bali, and getting the shots we were after is not easy. But we think they are perfect and we hope you like them too!




from Josefin @ we'ar


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