A Personal Reflection on Wanderlust 2016

As photographer and videographer with a focus on music, I have documented and spent a lot of time at festivals over the years. All around Europe and all around my new homeland, New Zealand. Wanderlust has been such a unique experience.. As a yoga practitioner, visual artist and merchandiser for WE'AR I was really excited to head to Wanderlust in Taupo as part of our Sun Temple manifestation and then journey on to Thredbo. It was awesome to witness so many inside-out-beautiful people rocking our organic WE'AR threads in one place! 

For me, a key difference from other festivals is that when you leave Wanderlust, you are leaving feeling better! Happier, healthier, inspired, and more fulfilled! In this way it's a festival that is also similar to a retreat. You get to practice with amazing Yogis from all over the place and share with people at a deep level, made possible by the teachers and facilitators who have formed their own deepest learnings into practices to share at this event.

Photos by Jen Raoult


You eat some excellent healthy food and listen to great music amongst joining in loads of interesting talks and workshops, hikes in epic landscapes, boat trips on the lake, horse riding in the mountains..! Amongst all this amazingness, what was most enjoyable for me was to immerse into such a mindful scene. It was such a treat to meet so many beautiful people. I made a lot of new friends and experienced real connections with people I feel could be in my life for ever. Having so many inspired and inspiring souls coming together, moving together, breathing together, dancing together in consciousness and celebrating life is for me what makes Wanderlust such a powerful gathering. 

Photos by Pete Longworth

Insta: @pete_longworth 

FB: @PeteLongworthPhotography

It has been a very transformative experience for me, I have opened up and let go a lot. I feel extremely privileged and grateful to have been part of these two Wanderlust festivals. I was in the right place at the right time with the right people!!!


I want to thank my friend Jyoti Morningstar and all my beautiful WE'AR crew, Jacque and Jonnie Halstead of Wanderlust for the opportunity to attend and be part of such a special event. Pete Longworth, Elena Brower and Jonah, Elana Meta and Seth Bunting, Michael Keene Chin, Coka (TribeOfLove), Izzy, Adrian, Claudine and Honza (YogaBeyond), Chante (Huwaiu), Franco, Ria, The Om crew (Organic Mechanic), Cristina (The Vibe tribe) , Nic, Tahl Rinsky and Bessy (Creature yoga) and many more for making this past few weeks of my life unforgettable and pure magic.